Nowadays it’s not a secret that Dental services or Vision care is not covered by Provincial Health Care Programs. Actually it was covered in past but such services were canceled due to governmental expenses. So what should you do when you have accidental teeth pain or you feel your eyesight is not as good as it was several years ago? One visit to the doctor may cost you a lot. In most cases people don’t think about it, mostly those who are healthy and don’t visit doctors very often. After receiving a huge bill they start thinking about obtaining insurance coverage.

          The next step is searching on the internet the largest insurance companies and looking through their plans. The questions people usually have while looking for insurance are price, amount of coverage and circumstances under which they will be covered. In most cases this information is too vague. There are lots of links and different plans, large articles concerning insurance details, twelve page policies etc. Moreover, they are full of professional terms that are too complicated to understand. They start calling these companies and waiting for an answer for half an hour or more. Sometimes people are too busy to even go through the application process by themselves.

That’s why there is an insurance broker, who explains all the peculiarities concerning insurance plans and outlines benefits to each customer. Not having your personal insurance broker is like having a hearing at the court without your lawyer. Probably you have a question – is the price for insurance the same as if I buy it directly? The answer is yes. The price is the same. Insurance companies such as Manulife, Blue Cross or GMS work with insurance brokers to promote their services, but the overall price for insurance doesn’t change. Insurance brokers identify each client’s needs and find the most appropriate solution. Another advantage is consulting clients in case of a claim. It is much easier to make a claim through your broker than make it directly and great for reimbursement. These are some but not all advantages of using the services of insurance brokerage. And it comes at no cost to you!